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Love is beautiful and love is Equal.
My name is Emily, I'm 18 and I'm from Australia. I'd tell you this blog had a theme, but that would be misleading.
Would be journalist and unprofessional Ghost-writer, cupcake connoisseur and year 12 student who is plotting world domination.
Feel free to talk to me, I get lonely sometimes.
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Camp X-Ray Trailer

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My new Cap poster! Took me 4 days to finish this! 

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to all the people with shitty mums i want to make it known that i am your mum now

you are a 20 year old male

  • I
  • AM
  • YOUR
  • NOW

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Person: “Could this show get any gayer?”

Me:  Actually it could.  Like, they could add real gay and queer characters.

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So, My friend and I just ordered Olive Garden under the name Castiel Winchester. They labeled our cups Dean and Castiel, sent us a drawing of a Devils Trap, and even included an extra set of silverware labeled “for Sammy”. Not to mention they gave us three mints. ;) SOMEONE BACK THERE IN THE KITCHEN UNDERSTOOD!!!! I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO HAPPY!!! :D

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Casper Lee about Ashton x

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hey do you wanna talk about rhodey well i mean we’re gonna talk about rhodey no matter what you answer with but

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